A Sweet Surprise

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Last month Tim and I were in Costa Rica for our company’s President’s Sales Meeting. We enjoyed the warm weather and soaked up as much sun as we could before heading back to cold Iowa. While we were there, I received a text message from one of our co-worker’s, Nicole, asking if she could place an order for two dozen Sweet Story cake batter cookies for her fiancé, Jesse. Jesse’s birthday was quickly approaching and she wanted to surprise him with some treats over lunch. I couldn't have been more excited! Not only are the cake batter cookies my FAVORITE, but Nicole and Jesse have been great friends to Tim and I. I was beyond excited to be a part of Jesse’s birthday celebration.
Since everyone loves birthdays, and a good love story, I thought it would be fun to have Nicole share a few fun facts about her and Jesse’s relationship.


How did you and Jesse meet?

HA - Tinder! I lived in Muscatine, Iowa, at the time and he lived in Madison, Wisconsin. The day we met, I was on a float trip in the Maquoketa River with friends and he traveled down to Waterloo, Iowa (close to the Maquoketa River) for his sister's housewarming party. This put us in the same mile range as each other and he swiped right on me. The rest is history :)

How long have you two been together?

A little over 3.5 years

What was your first impression of Jesse?

How smiley and joyful he is! His smile is infectious and it just made me happy to be around him.

Was it love at first sight? ;)

Because we met online and lived in different cities, I actually didn't meet him in person until a month after we started talking! But as soon as we started talking, I knew he was different. He always listened and made me feel important. He still does, even if what I'm talking about isn't important at all :)


What is your favorite quality of him?

Jesse has the biggest heart and is the most caring and loyal person I've ever met. He's also super goofy, especially around me, and can always make me laugh! I always tell him he's my better half, and every time he corrects me and says that I am... but he literally is the best.

What is your favorite memory?

Our relationship was long distance the first year we were together, so when we found out that I finally got a job in Des Moines to join him there, we really celebrated. It was exciting that we no longer had to travel 3 hours to see each other! Another memory that sticks out in my mind was a trip to New Mexico and Arizona last year to go to a friend's wedding and visit family. I'm kind of a Type A planner and Jesse is more of a Type B spontaneous traveler, and he got me to break out of my shell a bit. We went off course with our travels (literally) and took impromptu trips to a random meteor crater on the side of the road and the Grand Canyon (both Jesse's ideas), and I don't regret either one. It was fun to do our own thing and make our own memories.

What about marriage are you most looking forward to?

It sounds cheesy, but even though we've been together for 3.5 years, we've known since a few months in that this was something we saw long-term. We've been talking about our wedding and married life for awhile, so it's exciting to actually be able to live it and see through all of the fun plans we've been talking about for so long... everything from starting a family to decorating a house (wannabe Joanna Gaines over here!)

Do you guys always do something fun for birthdays, or are they more laid back?

We used to take little weekend trips away for birthdays (Omaha, Kansas City, etc.) when we first started dating, but the older we get, the more laid back (and cheap!) we are. We usually just do presents and let someone else do the cooking at our favorite restaurant. Laying around in sweatpants and watching Netflix is our definition of a perfect night :)

Jesse with his birthday cookie surprise! 

Jesse with his birthday cookie surprise! 

I had such a blast making these birthday treats! If you'd like to surprise a friend, relative, or significant other with these yummy cake batter cookies, than click here to place an order!


Tori Scarpinato